‘Cause I’m a student, that’s why.

Welcome Students!

“Young graduates mistake informality for license to act unprofessionally.”
-Molly Worthen, author and assistant professor of history, via The New York Times

    • Some of the email guidelines, such as including your college (e.g. Science and Technology) and status (e.g. sophomore) are not necessary for a small school, but most of the guidelines should be followed.
    • Do not repeatedly email your professor without allowing them time to respond. Organize your thoughts before sending an email the first time, instead of treating email like a text conversation.
    • Other topics may vary a little from one professor to the next (e.g. how quickly they respond to emails), but allowing at least 1 day is a good starting point.
  • Nettiquette Guidelines
    • This is more relevant for posts in online discussion forums, but can also be fine in emails if used judiciously.
    • You’d be surprised how often professors are fine with (and encourage) a bit of extra expression in communication as long as it’s appropriate. 🙂 (I’m serious!)
  • Google Docs/Slides/SheetsGoogle Docs/Slides/Sheets: How to get files that you can actually turn in!
  • Plagiarism Tutorial
    1. Keep track of your sources
    2. Paraphrase into your own words
    3. Avoid direct quotations whenever possible
    4. Cite, and include your sources. Cite your sources, and don’t forget to cite.
  • Critical Thinking
    • Satire & Critical Thinking (& Politics)
    • Can you evaluate whether an article is even worth the time that you spend reading it?
    • What does it mean to be biased?
    • Why does the source of your information matter?
    • Aren’t facts just facts?
    • How do people & corporations manipulate information to influence your decisions?
    • Does your professor actually just want you to memorize information like a mindless automaton, or does she/he want you to analyze it?
  • Armstrong Research Tutorial

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science in America

  • Scientific Literacy
    • (Warning, comments and examples in some videos are crass/vulgar)
  • More Growing Soon!

Students’ Feedback

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featured image: Oyster toadfish at the Charleston, SC Aquarium (Spring 2015)