Divergent Paths

Tracing the connections into the past…
…to find what might not have been

Divergent Paths is a Dungeons & Dragons story set in the Forgotten Realms world popularized by R. A. Salvatore’s beloved drow ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and many other wonderful characters.

To read all chapters in chronological order: The Story of Divergent Paths

This is a story that I have at times felt compelled to write, and yet myriad obstacles have also landed in my own personal path along the way. It exists only because of my love for the characters themselves and their desire to fight for their world despite the convoluted paths that brought each of them into the battle for Faerun.

Although all of the writing here is my own, many of the characters and ideas were conceived of by other players in the Dungeons & Dragons group. “Origin” indicates who that source is.

featured image: one of MacHuginn’s feather darts

Paths: By order of release 

Major Characters: Contains spoilers

I don’t recommend reading below if you are not up to date on current chapters in Divergent Paths. Although the spoilers in the character list will not reveal details of the plot, per se, the descriptions (sometimes even just names!) do indicate relationships between the characters that you might not know about yet.

Beginning: Prologue
Current chapter: Part II
All chapters in chronological order: The Story

This list is dynamic, updated with major characters from each new chapter in the story as it is released.

“Home” is where this person would most likely be found as of the currently released chapter of Divergent Paths in which they occur. Same deal for age – I’ve listed their age as of our most recent encounter with them.


More information will be added soon!
Expect descriptions, trivia, and even drawings for each character.


MacHuginn, Kenku cleric of Denier

Race: Kenku
Age: Not yet born, but he is my character so I’m entitled to add him now!
Origin: Brigette Brinton
Poem that he wrote for his love, many years from now: Nightingale Woman

Gwaihir Talagan

Race: Wood elf, male
Age: ~180
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: Lean and agile, fit but not particularly well-muscled. 125 lbs
Birthplace: Sharandar, Neverwinter Wood
Home: Halls of Inspiration, Silverymoon
Profession: Artist. Cleric of Oghma, The Binder.
Origin: Brigette Brinton

Appearance: Rich, medium brown skin and hair. Intense emerald green eyes. Has the sharp nose and jawline that are typical of elves, with a bit gentler planes around his eyes and cheeks. Unusually long hair, falling well below his hips, that he typically wears in a long, slender braid (varying in complexity depending on whether he was patient enough to allow someone else to braid it).
Has a warm smile and laugh that would make anyone feel loved. His quick, slender, fingers are often stained with pigments and charcoal from his work. Unsurprisingly to anyone who has met one of the fair-folk, he moves with a smooth unconscious grace that is easy on the eyes.
He dresses simply, in browns and greens that would not seem out of place on a ranger of the forests. On closer inspection one finds that the practical garments are of fine cloth, and perfectly tailored as though for an elf of noble rank.

Assorted Oddments: Gold signet ring with a harp imprinted on a silver birch leaf – Emblem of House Talagan. Golden filigree circlet with the Blank Scroll symbol of Oghma. Most of the band is usually hidden beneath his hair.
Weapon of Choice: Longbow

Trivia: He is an artist from a family of musicians – Talagan have been harpers for so many generations that it long ago became the emblem and name of their house. They hold no malice or disappointment toward Gwaihir over his choices though, and always welcome his warm voice in their songs.


Race: Human, female
Age: 28
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: Curvy and alluring, fit but not particularly athlethic. 130 lbs
Birthplace: Neverwinter
Home: Temple of Sune, Luskan
Profession: Priest of Sune Firehair, Lady of Love
Origin: Brigette Brinton

Appearance: Brilliant, radiantly red hair falls in long waves past her shoulders. Soft, creamy skin tells of a life where she has the luxury to keep herself looking her best. Her eyes are a soft brown, and seem to always promise something…special. Many men seek those offered charms, and Alisyn uses her allure in service to Sune and herself quite freely, attracting attention to her beauty both subtly and overtly.

Assorted Oddments: Gilded hairbrush that is one of the first possessions that she truly considered hers. Elegant golden earrings in the shape of flowers, given to her by Gwaihir after she told him that she was pregnant with Tauredhiel.
Weapon of Choice: Allure

Trivia: Often called Ali, which apparently means “sublime” in one of the ancient common languages.

Gwyn Talagan

Race: Halfelf, female
Age: 8
Birthplace: Luskan
Home: Luskan
Origin: Cristopher Chatham

Tauredhiel Talagan

Race: Halfelf, female
Age: < 6 mo. old
Birthplace: Silverymoon
Home: Halls of Inspiration, Silverymoon
Origin: Brigette Brinton

featured image: one of MacHuginn’s feather darts


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