Welcome to where I hang my scholar’s hat. I’d rather have a dramatic tower library with piles of books everywhere, but this will do for now.

My current role is twofold:
First – as an instructor of young minds at Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus, in the fields of general biology, marine science, and environmental science.

Second – I am an ecologist by trade, with a focus on marine biology and parasitology. Ecologists are always thinking about the connectivity and sustainability of the system, which essential for any study of aquaponics. My research interests center around animal behavior and parasitology, and I have historically focused on crustaceans, fish, and corvids (e.g. crows). As curator for our aquaponics facility – the FORAM Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center – my responsibilities include daily maintenance, monitoring, and repair of the lab and greenhouse systems. I am also actively developing our materials for outreach and continuing education programs.

My educational path took me through Dartmouth College (B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Savannah State University (M.S. in Marine Science). I maintain a ResearchGate Profile that is always up to date with my academic papers and information, and I update my “Currently” page on here quarterly as well.

Curriculum Vitae – January 2019

“That shrimp video” – Palaemonetes pugio & Probopyrus pandalicola

“The Scientist” Tag Archive
“The Professor” Tag Archive

Older archived undergraduate and casual work: Temporarily stored on my old website here. (Work in Progress moving them here to WordPress)


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