Welcome to where I hang my scholar’s hat. I’d rather have a dramatic tower library with piles of books everywhere, but this will do for now.

My current role is twofold:
First – as an instructor of young minds at Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus, in the fields of general biology, marine science, and environmental science. My research interests center around ecology, animal behavior, and parasitology, and I have historically focused on crustaceans, fish, and corvids.

Second – I’m also the curator for our Aquaponics facility – the FORAM Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center. I maintain a ResearchGate Profile that is always up to date with my academic papers and information, and I update my “Currently” page on here quarterly as well.

Curriculum Vitae – February 2018

“That shrimp video” – Palaemonetes pugio & Probopyrus pandalicola

“The Scientist” Tag Archive
“The Professor” Tag Archive

Older archived undergraduate and casual work: Temporarily stored on my old website here. (Work in Progress moving them here to WordPress)



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