Sheaves of Paper

I am a published scientist in the fields of parasitology and animal behavior, and have two great educational activities called Bird-brained Foraging and Variability is not the Villain. You can find out more on my Academia page.

I also write fanfiction for two different universes –
Dragon Age and Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms. There is a great website for fanfiction readers and writers called Archive of Our Own, but I also publish my fanfiction here.

A Long Hunt

Set during Dragon Age: Inquisition, this is the story of the Dalish Inquisitor Elisara Tarael Lavellan. It focuses on her personal experience during these events, as well as her relationship with the mages Solas and Dorian, the Warden Blackwall, and Elisara’s clan mate Hallenon.

Lost Halla

This is a spinoff from A Long Hunt, focused solely on Hallenon and his life after joining the Inquisition after the destruction of clan Lavellan. It is one of several pieces that are only published on Archive of our Own, because these chapters will ultimately become part of A Long Hunt.

Divergent Paths

Set in the marvelous world of the Forgotten Realms, this story tells the tales of the heroes of Dragonwatch Keep… long before they were heroes. It traces the history of several characters themselves, sometimes going as far back as their birth or childhood.

Nightingale Woman is a crossover between Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons, since it was inspired by a Star Trek reference but written by a character from Divergent Paths.