Updated: January 26, 2018


Several introductory biology courses, as usual! Teaching Earth and Life Science for Early Childhood Education Majors for the fall, spring, & summer – always an insane and good time. Huzzah for ecology & evolution in Principles of Biology II!
I even have a playlist of music I’m always adding to for waiting on class to start.

Listening to…

A surprising amount of Lindsey Stirling.
Damh the Bard, as always.
A very mellow lute playlist on Spotify.
My “Ridiculous Repeater” playlist.

Video Game Ambiance

Epic orchestral rock inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones & George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

And I think that Miracle of Sound has become my go-to band right now.


All of the Dragon Age novels, along with several fanfics. Currently reading Masked Empire by Patrick Weeks
R. A. Salvatore’s The Pirate King – listening to this on Audible
Ramon Margalef’s Perspectives in Ecological Theory
Dugatkin and Reeve’s Game Theory and Animal Behavior
A paper about the concept of narrative sensemaking – a.k.a. the Storied Truths that James Gee discusses.


How to teach well.
Finding a good match for my Ph.D. work at Oregon State University, so that I can move toward that dream.
What makes the core ideals for religions.


Sherlock (BBC)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Mozart in the Jungle
Game of Thrones

Working on…

Laying out scrolls based on the Book of Kells and the Lindesfarne Gospels
Writing parts of Gwyn’s and Karra’s stories for Divergent Paths
Really need to start a painting of that mountain bluebird…
Half-uncial calligraphy hand


Dragon Age: Inquisition, Origins, and II
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion & Skyrim
Mass Effect I – Rhyver Tam Shepard
Diablo III – Monk is still my favorite
Dungeons & Dragons 5e – typically Druid, Bard, or Cleric
Witcher II
Pokemon Go – Team Instinct
Star Wars: Battlefront
Settlers of Catan (always!)


Philosophy – “Crash Course Philosophy
Learning how to play harp. Flutes and harps work very differently…

featured image: The Rocky Mountains near Denver, CO (July 2016)