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Who am I?

A scientist, a druid, a professor, an artist, and a rambler!

My life is one of complex simplicity. I am fascinated by the natural world, with this passionate enchantment shaping my professional, social, personal, and spiritual life. Sometimes this means that I dive deeply into a new project and try to learn a million things at once, while at other times I find myself rooted in place and so comfortable with my environment that it is difficult to imagine changing. However, I am a scientist through-and-through. Regardless of how fantastic, exotic, or metaphysical things become, I follow an intuitive logic to move from observations to reality and do not shy from changing my ideas and beliefs when new information warrants the shift.


4-H not only shaped my childhood years, it is also how I found my wonderful husband, Cameron. Our families knew each other for many years, and we were close friends long before we started dating. In fact, we’ve known each other since ~2000 and were married in 2011 after dating for 4 years and being engaged for 1. It is wonderful to share so many years of memories with him. We currently live in Savannah, GA with 2 cats and many fish. The plecostomus is nearly as old as the cats and moved across the state with us.

The reason we were in 4-H was because both of us grew up in rural west-central Georgia with goats and horses as part of our family households. My parents own a horseback riding stable, Breezy Acres Farm, where there was always a regular flow of boarders and students in addition to us. My mother teaches many different styles of working with the horses, including Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Cameron’s family raised Angora goats for many years in addition to having several horses, and his family plays an active role in the dairy and shooting sports areas of 4-H to this day.

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Epic bopyrid isopod parasite video: Probopyrus pandalicola on Palaemonetes pugio 

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