A Long Hunt

A Long Hunt is fanfiction for Bioware’s Game of the Year Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is based on my first playthrough of the game, plus extra lore, theories, and odds and ends that I learned along the way. Sollavellan Lovers, welcome! This is heavily focused on my version of a female Dalish archer rogue as the Inquisitor, and she falls for Solas pretty hard. Elisara is smart, independent, and generally pretty wise, but she also has quite a temper… it makes for a beautifully hot mess when you throw her and Solas together. There are some departures from canon, but I have mostly added or redirected canon material/events rather than completely changing it. The two main alterations are regarding the very end of both the main Dragon Age: Inquisition campaign and Tresspasser DLC. In both cases I have added material that cannot be legitimately considered canon.

I’m also publishing this on the fanfiction website An Archive of our Own, which is currently in Beta. Feel free to join/read there, and find other good (and meh) fanfiction.

Updates will likely be unpredictable, but will happen. All 12 chapters are planned, with notes/outlines written.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

  • Rating: Explicit. Absolutely not intended for anyone under 18. By viewing this work, you are acknowledging that you have chosen to read material that may include explicit descriptions of violence, sex, and magical rites. Specific warnings are included regarding the material of each chapter, such as whether it is NotSafeForWork (Explicit or very evocative sexual content).
  • Spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition and DLC, including Trespasser. So, if you haven’t played the game yet… you’ve been warned.
  • Characters and events heavily inspired by DA:I. All DA:I characters are the property of Bioware and EA Games. Dialogue from game and game events heavily used and also belongs to Bioware.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: “All there is to know about everything.”

Chapter 2: “No real god need prove himself.”

Chapter 3: “Strange is to be expected.”

Chapter 4: “I’m not most people.”

Chapter 5: “Songs that made the spirits weep.”

Chapter 6: “Against everything I expected.”

Chapter 7: “Only the costumes change.”

Chapter 8: “Responsibility is not expertise.”

Chapter 9: “Giving legend the weight of history.”

Chapter 10: “The service of an ancient elven god.”

Chapter 11: “Now I must endure.”

Chapter 12: “May the dread wolf take you.”

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